The Most Expensive Game of the World: 1,56 Million Dollars

Another rather surprising news came from the game collection madness. Super Mario 64, whose gelatin was not even opened, was sold for 1.56 million dollars and became the most expensive game in the world. With this sale, the game has also signed a big and perhaps hard to break record.

The Most Expensive Game of the World: 1,56 Million Dollars

With a price of 1.56 million dollars, the title of the most valuable game ever sold became the most expensive game in the world. This sale was made through Heritage Auctions. The strangest thing is that another game reached the title of most valuable game a few days ago. On July 9, last Friday, a copy of the first The Legend of Zelda game for NES broke the record with a price tag of $ 870,000. After a very short time, Super Mario 64 broke this record. This version of Super Mario 64 sold for $1.56 million, setting the new record. Previously, the first Super Mario Bros. game was sold with a price tag of $ 660,000.

The Most Expensive Game

This sold version of the game has received a full 9.8 A++ rating from Wata. Wata certification is an institution that reveals the true value of valuable video games. With the score it gives, this institution not only removes uncertainty, but also evaluates the state of the game on an absolute scale, providing buyers and sellers with complete confidence in their transactions. When we look at the score of the game, we can say that it has been preserved very well despite the 25 years that have passed.

In short, although we see different sales on Playstation or other consoles from time to time, we see that old games, especially on the Nintendo side, are very valuable. So if you have an unopened Zelda or Mario game somewhere in your house, maybe you have the most expensive game in the world and you are on the verge of becoming a millionaire.

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