Super Mario 64 Gets Ray Tracing Support

Recently, a brand new mod came up in order to give the cult game Super Mario 64 Raytracing effects. The mod tries to give full support.

Every GPU that supports raytracing will be able to play the Super Mario 64 mod

If you own a GPU that supports raytracing, then you are good to go because the PC version of Super Mario 64 is a port and is available to anyone that wants to play. It is also open-source so this means that the port is seemingly evolving.

However, you should keep in mind that this mod is still in a pretty early stage. This means that you may encounter some bugs or glitches while trying to play and test the mod. But the mod owner says that the mod is pretty much capable of doing it if you have a GPU that has raytracing support.

his mod packs a fully path-traced renderer. It also brings custom level lighting for all stages, as well as dynamic sphere lights for objects and particles. Moreover, it features Classic Phong shading and support for Normal Maps. Furthermore, it introduces real-time raytraced shadows, reflections, refractions and global illumination. This is something that everyone wants in the Super Mario 64 game, right?

Super Mario 64 Gets Ray Tracing Support

If you have an interest in mods and want to try out the raytracing mod for Super Mario 64, you can click here to download it. Also, the modder also has some footage for us, showing how beautiful the game with raytracing mod is.

Nintendo’s worldwide known game is a pretty popular platformer that still has an active community. Also, it is still the number one game for speedrunners. The professional speedrunners still think that there are still some ways to beat the game faster. Anyways, I suppose almost anybody knows what the game has to offer to us. Enjoy!

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