Back to the Future fan made his flying hoverboard

Fans of “Back to the Future II” longed for a potential hoverboard for the day. Thirty-one years later, that dream was achieved by inventor Sam Rogers. See how the 24-year-old Marty McFly, fitted with a high-tech jet set and a “hoverboard,” attached to Velcro ‘s foot, fly next to a DeLorean pace. The video moment has been shot on an unrevealed path in the UK.

Back to the Future fan made his flying hoverboard

A fan of Back to the Future movie has achieved a life-long ambition to be real-life Marty McFly when he hit the sky on a hoverboard with a jet pack he designed. Incredibly, Sam Rogers shows a classic film moment alongside a DeLorean with a 3D printer flying suit for £340,000.

The 24-year-old feat is supposed to be the closest person to flying a real-life work hoverboard made famous by 1989 Back to the Future Part II blockbuster. The university graduate is a design leader and test driver for the Gravity Industries and AdditiveX companies of British aeronautical innovation.

The aircraft recorded a total of 30 mph when flown in Reading in 2017, but is said to be able to reach more than 50 mph.

Sam, who helped to develop the jet suit, carried out the stunt while sporting the original shirt, hat and trainer of Marty McFly. In his childhood, he said that the films Back to the Future played a part and inspired his fascination with flight, aviation and design. The 24-year-old, who had his grandparents’ 10th birthday present with DeLorean toy, said that flying a hoverboard really was ‘a dream come true.’

Back to the Future fan made his flying hoverboard

The 1.000 brake horsepower jet suit weighs 27 kg and establishes a world record in 2017 for ‘Fastest Speed in a Body-Controlled Jet Engine’-Richard Browning has clocked 32.02 mph in Lagoona Park (51.53 km / h) in Reading, United Kingdom. The suite consists of six kerosene-fueled turbines, each with a thrust of 50 pounds (22 kg), on its back and arms. The flight path is fully controlled by the movement of the human body, as no remote control can guide the fit in any way.

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