Batman Arkham City 1.03 Update Fixes the PS5 Compatibility Issue

Rocksteady Studios released the 1.03 update for Batman Arkham City. In order to resolve the compatibility issue that came up in Sony’s PS5 console.

Batman Arkham City 1.03 update fixes the PS5 issue

With the release of next-generation consoles Xbox Series and the PS5, some backwards compatible games came out in order to work on these consoles. These backwards compatible games also include Batman Arkham City. But from what it looks like the title had some issues. That’s where the 1.03 update comes in. But the patch notes don’t tell us what the issue really was.

As for the details on what is fixed. The only thing that has been patched with this update is a rare bug. That was affecting the game when running on the PS5. There was a problem with the game rendering at a lower resolution on the PS5. This was because of a bug that leads to dropping the resolution 1080p on the PS4 and PS4 Pro, to dynamic sub-1080p on the PS5. As a result, the game looked blurrier, and to top it off, it was still locked at 30 FPS on the PS5.Batman Arkham City 1.03 Update Fixes the PS5 Compatibility Issue

Maybe this patch fixes the problem above. But people claim that this patch will not fix the 30 fps cap on Batman Arkham City. Right now, the only way to remove the frame cap is to remove all the post-launch updates. Which are quite impossible on the PS5. The retail version of the game doesn’t also have a framerate cap. But you need to delete the game files, and cut off the internet if you own the retail version of it. So the game cannot update itself.

The PS5 library keeps growing. Although we didn’t see the full potential of it yet, the backwards compatible games already give the console a good variety of games. This also includes Batman Arkham City.


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