Halo Infinite Forge Mod: Gameplay Video Leaked

Before Halo Infinite’s launch in 2021, the game’s producer 343 Industries announced that there will be no Halo Infinite Forge mode, which plays a key role at the beginning of the game. However, recently, gameplay footage of the Halo Infinite Forge mode was leaked by a Twitter user named Rebs Gaming.

Halo Infinite Forge Mod Might Come Soon

In the leaked images, we see that the ability to combine weapons has been added to the Forge mode. The user, who claims to have recorded the first leaked video from the demo version, seems to have published a video that is almost a guide for the Forge mode. Several new weapon combinations are shown in both the first and second videos.

Combinations include a battle rifle, plasma gun, Hydra, energy saber and rocket launcher, even a prototype gravity gun that the leaker didn’t fully explain. In the leaked video, it is seen that the players who will play the Halo Infinite Forge mode can be very creative with what they do, and how powerful these weapons can be with potential weapon combinations. It also seems that over time, Halo Infinite players will find ways to combine weapons to suit new and creative game modes. Halo Infinite Forge is still in development and a release date is unknown.

What is currently known is that it could be shown at the launch of Halo Infinite Season 3, which could arrive in November. As can be seen from these leaked videos, it is obvious that Forge has been actively tested. Accordingly, we can see the Halo Infinite mod soon.

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