Battlefield V saving FIX

If you are looking for “Battlefield V saving fix” issue, we a have a solution for you. Battlefield V is released 11 days early for PC gamers who have an active Origin Access Premier membership. But it seems, some of the players having problems with settings are not saving after they exit the game. So, when a player starts the game later, they have to play prologue mission again and also have to adjust their settings from the beginning.

Battlefield V saving FIX

But don’t worry, we have a fix for “Battlefield V saving FIX”. The reason for this bug is probably your Windows user folder name. If your user folder name contains non-English letters or characters, the game is not able to save settings. You can fix the problem with changing the username of your Windows account and user folder name.

Battlefield V saving FIX

You can watch Battlefield V saving FIX guide from below:

Battlefield V Game Video

Battlefield V Story / Mini Review

The Battlefield series has come a long way in reflecting and dramatizing the atmosphere of war to the player, especially with Battlefield 1. The War Stories mode, which started with Battlefield 1 and consists of small stories, shed light on the unknown events of the period with small stories from different fronts of the war and also offered the story mode that players cannot give up. However, in Battlefield 1, if I am not mistaken, only the stories of the Allied states have changed with Battlefield V, and Battlefield V will also include a story of the Axis states, namely Germany, although it is not active at the moment. I really applaud DICE on this issue. It was a great example of courage to be able to show both sides of the war despite the great risk of reaction they received.

Now let’s get to how the stories in the game are handled. There are 3 small stories in total in the game for now. However, at the very first moment, you start the game, you encounter a small introductory section that shows you the different fronts and reveals the dramatic structure of the game, and in one of the missions in this introductory section, you perform the command of the famous German tank Tiger 1. The continuation of this episode will be added to the game in the coming months. In this introduction sequence, you see both the mechanics and the dramatic theme of the game with its visual quality. With the information appearing on the screen in a black background, you both learn little things about the period and experience that atmosphere successfully.

After the introduction, you have the chance to browse other small stories. One of them is about the recruitment of a British thief, the other is the story of a female resistance resisting in Norway, and the other is the story of the African soldier brothers who joined the French army in 1944. In particular, the emphasis on racism and the heroism of the African troops serving at that time were reflected on the player in a magnificent manner, especially in the mission describing the French army.

So, if you have Battlefield V saving FIX problem, just change the username of your Windows account and user folder name.

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