Best Android 11 features we know and we want.

Google’s just launched a new Android 11 Developer Preview that will come in May for its I/O 2020 event. Also, best Android 11 features started to leak. It will likely appear as a preview that you can take on Pixel phones for a spin. Let’s have a look at what kind of features will be on Android 11.

Best Android 11 features

  • Dynamic 5G meteredness: Video streaming quality for unlimited 5G plans.
  • Scoped Storage: This feature aims to optimize the speed of memory reading and privacy.
  • Punch-hole and waterfall displays: Apps can use the hole-in-display or curved screen designs more effectively.
  • Insert images into notification shade replies: Notifications interaction in the status bar.
  • Airplane and Bluetooth modes: Bluetooth of your device will not be automatically deactivated in airplane mode on Android 11. I think this is one of the best Android 11 features.
  • Bubbles: All chat apps will get Facebook Messenger’s chat heads kind icons at the top.
  • Extended screenshots: Android 11 will allow you to natively capture extended screenshots.
  • One-time permission: It will allow you to grant sensitive app permissions for one-time use.

Best Android 11 features we know and we want

When will the Android 11 release?

It is too early to talk about the release date of Android 11. As we wrote, the Android 11 Developer Preview just launched. The Android 11 final release will presumably follow the standard summer 2020 timetable

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When and where Google I/O Event 2020?

Google I/O brings together developers from all over the world for discussions, hands-on learning with Google experts and a first look at the latest developer products and services from Google. You can register for I/O Event from here. The 2020 developer event will be held from May 12 – 14 at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. If you want to register for Google’s I/O Event, you have to know that the tickets priced to $ 1.150.

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