Best Need for Speed Games: Beloved Ones

In today’s article, we will give you a close look at the best Need for Speed games. The ranking I will make will be entirely my thoughts and opinions. You can also express your thoughts and ideas in the comments. Racing genre games have always been one of the popular video games among gamers.

Everyone plays it on consoles and computers. Need for Speed, the legendary racing game series indispensable for years, has come a long way in the past decades and has become a top-rated series. That famous series has twenty main games in twenty-six years. There are three side plays and a movie adaptation is indicative of the success of this series.

Need for Speed owes its true legend to Underground 2 and Most Wanted. Although the latest games of Need for Speed ​​are top-rated, they are a bit behind in terms of sales, as they also share with competitors such as Forza, Project Cars, and The Crew. Especially with Forza coming to the PC platform, EA Games needs to work harder. Therefore, they need to do better for the next-generation Need for Speed ​​and prepare a game beyond excellent.

Best Need for Speed Games of The Series

Need for Speed ProStreet (2007)

Best Need for Speed Game

ProStreet is in the first line of our Best Need For Speed Games list. The game hosted legal races compared to other NFS games. Also, these races on the track were not such a bad idea. But, it was a bit against the spirit of the NFS. Exciting police chases had no place in this game. Also, ProStreet allowed cars to take realistic damage that was close to real life.

Unfortunately, this build failed to improve driving realism. It remained inferior to other games in the series. If this product would release under another title, in other words, it didn’t call Need for Speed; it was a successful production.

Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed (2000)

Best Need for Speed Game

Also known as Porsche 2000, this production only included this German-made vehicle. The game focused exclusively on Porsche, focusing on a specific audience. However, although there was only one brand of vehicle in the game, there were models from 1950 to 2000. It provided the players with a wide variety of cars.

One of the privileges of Porsche Unleashed that it provided incredible visuals and details to each vehicle. The game played with a short enthusiasm. The product was not so popular, because of the lack of cars. After a certain point, players got tired of seeing Porsche.

Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed, perhaps the weakest production in the series, slightly better than the other games in the ranking. If the gameplay was terrible, we don’t know how we would play.

Need for Speed Nitro (2009)

Best Need for Speed Game

That production on our list is a bit more exclusive than other NFS games. The privilege is that it can only play on a single platform. Need for Speed Nitro only worked on Nintendo hardware. Lots of changes made to the gameplay, to make it enjoyable. Unlike other games in the series, this production had fewer parts and cars.

Need for Speed The Run (2011)

Best Need for Speed Game

One of the insufficient games on the list, The Run has an excellent story. In this production, you are trying to escape from both the mafia and the police. You are doing long interstate races stretching from San Francisco to New York, coast to coast.

The most loved and hated thing of the Need for Speed The Run has been the long races. You are also traveling almost all over America. In addition to all this, the gameplay lacks replayability.

Need for Speed Payback (2017)

need for speed payback 3

Long after Fast and Furious became famous all over the world, I think it’s a game made to earn more money. Hollywood effects showed very much in the product. Need for Speed Payback vehicle upgrades, and police chases wore out computer systems for a while. The only right word that we can say about the NFS is that it has fascinating graphics.

Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012)

night5 03

We are here with one of the biggest disappointments. NFS fans excited to have a second game for Most Wanted after a long time. EA Games has presented the same version of the previous series to the players again. All the beautiful mechanics of the product removed.

Generally, this production rushed and seemed to put on the market by force. In the old gameplay, there was a world with quite fun activities. But in Most Wanted 2012, all of these destroyed.

Need for Speed Heat (2019)

maxresdefault 3 1

We are here with the last game of the series. Need for Speed Heat is, of course, the gameplay with the most advanced graphics. That’s why it is far ahead in terms of visuals compared to other games. In addition to these beautiful graphics, it has classic cars, day and night rides.

A detailed modification option is all that. Despite having all these lovely qualities, it remains incompatible with the series.

The Need for Speed (1994)

maxresdefault 4

That production is the first of its kind in the series. Need for Speed foundations lay right here. The first Need for Speed is also called the progenitor of the series. It contains a piece from each game. Sometimes there is a track race, sometimes you dealing with the cops. Of course, as the years passed and technology improved, newcomers replaced the old ones.

Need for Speed World (2010)

racing mmo games need for speed world red silvia screenshot

That production is also impressive, which made exclusively for the PC platform. MMO elements added by combining the two most popular games Most Wanted and Carbon designs in this game. Need for Speed World, which can navigate in an open world system, had a huge map.

That ambitious play connected the Carbon and Most Wanted highways. EA Games is the only reason why this gaming doesn’t come to perfect places. EA Games cut support for this game and said the product was not suitable to the standards of the series and closed it.

Need for Speed Carbon (2006)

maxresdefault 5

Carbon is the sequel to the story in Most Wanted. With Carbon, the NFS series stepped into Playstation 3 and Wii for the first time. Unlike the previous game, the variety of racing in the Challenge Series has increased, but the number of police missions has reduced.

Drag race in last games removed. Drift racing, which was canceled in Underground 2 and remove in Most Wanted, is back. Unlike other games in the series, Canyon’s race added to the game. That race, which is the most challenging race type of the game, is also one of the races with gang leaders.

The game takes place at night. One of Carbon’s most significant shortcomings was the lack of police intervention.

Need for Speed II (1997)

maxresdefault 1 2

The second game in the series, NFS II has added popularity to the popularity of the series. In general, sequels end in disappointment, but this time interest in NFS had grown exponentially.

The highway driving motif abandoned in Need for Speed II. The racing mood now dominated the atmosphere even more. Despite containing only nine vehicles, they made the most impressive cars available.

Need for Speed Undercover (2008)

maxresdefault 6

NFS: Undercover released after the re-development of the first game. In this game for all consoles; Unlike the previous game of the series, ProStreet, there are street races, not track races, the damage to the vehicles does not affect the performance of the cars and the steering response is smoother.

Gameplay and driving of vehicles are similar to Most Wanted and Carbon from Need for Speed games. Vehicle sounds are the same as ProStreet. In addition to all this, this production disappointed the actors and did not meet their expectations. The players contented themselves with driving the cars across the empty fields.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 (2002)

need for speed hot pursuit 2 16

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 based on choosing the car and its color and racing. In Hot Pursuit races, the player chases by the police. Depending on the level, the police can call helicopters, support crews, set up barricades, and puncture the player’s car tires with nails placed next to the barricade.

Likewise, players can play as a cop. In Championship races, there is no chase by the police. There are 66 races in total, including 33 races in Hot Pursuit and 33 races in the Championship. As a result of these races, points earned by receiving gold, silver, or bronze medals. Using these points, new cars and new maps unlocked. There is no scenario in the game.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (1998)

maxresdefault 7

NFS Hot pursuit, the third game of the series, is a PlayStation game. It is one of the most intuitive and remarkable games in the series. It continues the character of previous games. But its structured and refined structure also strengthens the game.

At the beginning of the Hot Pursuit series, the excitement data quickly gained interest in police chases. According to the artificial intelligence of the period, there were times when the police pressed you.

Need for Speed High Stakes (1999)


The place of this game is very special for me. I had a PlayStation 1 when I was a little kid. I would love to play this production with excitement. The soundtrack of the game remains on one side of my memory. So I’m going to pass some privilege on Need for Speed High Stakes.

High Stakes originally built on Hot Pursuit. There were also races for two players in the game. The screens of the tiny televisions of its time would cut in half, and we would close to the bottom of the TV to win.

Pink slip races also a feature added for the first time in this game. Also, Tournament mode, Getaway, and Time Trap modes reintroduced in this game.

Need for Speed (2015)

need for speed heat high graphics setting

Often game revisions result in a lot of frustration. But this time it was not like that. Need for Speed 2015 has brought fans impressive graphics, realistic drive, and a host of new features. This production also offered online gameplay. The new Need for Speed is all about the “reputation” score.

We can earn points in three different ways. The optimal way to get points is to be the fastest in the races. The second option is never to crash our car while driving fast enough. The third option is to follow the opponent’s vehicle at a certain speed level.

Need for Speed Underground (2003)

maxresdefault 10

NFS: Underground is the first game in the series to offer plot and garage options. It is also the beginning of the popular tuner culture. It has succeeded in establishing a throne in every player’s heart The “Driftin” mode belonging to the underworld was also presented in this game for the first time.

The game takes place at night in a city called Olympic City. Skyscrapers and tall buildings stand out in one part of the town. In another aspect, there are industrial buildings.

Highways, main streets, and dirty streets included. There are many shortcuts and ramps on the roads. Besides, reflection and lighting effects are essential elements that provide the atmosphere. The city is similar to the cities of Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (2010)

Best Need for Speed Game

Although its name is Hot Pursuit, it has nothing to do with the Hot Pursuit 1998. On the contrary, the game looks more like a redesign of the first Need for Speed. Teams of EA and DICE have created a new experience by undertaking the in-game design. Your eyes will feast on the epic car shows in the game.

As usual, EA leaves its game halfway, not improving the game, causing it to stay in the background. That’s why the game doesn’t get the value it deserves.

Need for Speed Underground 2 (2004)

Best Need for Speed Game

I am sure that those who do not place Need for Speed Most Wanted first on the list will put NFS Underground 2 in the first place. Many people have met the NFS series through this game. The game was the point where EA started doing something exactly right. Most Wanted release right after that.

We can consider these two games as the golden age of the NFS. With its big map, NFS doubled the game pleasure and offered a massive open world. In addition to all of these, he was a well-written story and a wide range of vehicles. I’m sure nostalgia lovers still run and play NFS Underground 2 from time to time.

Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005)

Best Need for Speed Game

Best Need for Speed Games: Conclusion

The best Need for Speed game of the series is The Most Wanted. The production, which has become a classic for everyone, I am sure, is in the first place for many players and me. With the story of “Black List”, it manages to attract players into the game. Most Wanted to have a very successful car lineup.

Also, car modifications for the game were a feature that everyone appreciated. Your chase with the cops was just right. The gradual hardening and progress of the game make it the best Need For Speed game ever.

We have listed the best Need for Speed games of the series for you. You can buy Need For Speed games from Origin Store.

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