How to Select a Good Non-GamStop Casino in the UK

Exploring the factors to consider when seeking the best non-GamStop casinos in the United Kingdom, including licensing and reputation.

Bettors in the United Kingdom can exclude themselves from online betting activity with GamStop. Self-exclusion programs are essential for hot-headed players and can make a difference. GamStop is one such program that has already gained a massive reputation and popularity among casino operators and players. Here’s how the system works and what to look for when hunting a safe non-GamStop site.

Finding the Best Non-GamStop UK Casinos

What is GamStop?

GamStop is a self-exclusion system that has been introduced in the United Kingdom. It enables players to exclude themselves from all online gambling within the country for a period of time that the player can choose. This exclusion covers any and all online gambling companies that are licensed in Great Britain. This includes both apps and websites, and the exclusionary period can be six months, one year, or five years, at the player’s choosing. Importantly, canceling this self-exclusion is not possible, so those considering taking this step should make sure they really want to avoid regret. In addition, the self-exclusion will remain in effect beyond the specified period, but once that time has passed, the exclusion can be lifted upon request.

For players who enjoy the process of betting but want to avoid the risk of loss (or profits) altogether, one alternative is to play video games that include mini-gambling segments. These cover a wide range, from the Japanese RPG Dragon Quest XI through to the more adult Grand Theft Auto V.

Check Licensing

Checking the licensing arrangement of any online casino in UK is a good idea regardless of anything else, but it is particularly relevant when seeking a good non-GamStop casino. Happily, finding this information is almost always a piece of cake, as the vast majority of online casinos indicate their licensing setup clearly at the bottom of every page. If you cannot find any licensing information, this is a major red flag.

The United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission is one of the best regulatory and licensing bodies globally, and therefore stands as a sign of a trusted online casino. Other top-tier regulators that are at the gold standard include the Malta Gaming Authority and the Gambling Commissioner of Gibraltar. However, there are many sound and trustworthy regulators out there. It is worth knowing that some licensing arrangements are less reassuring than others, but if a site is signed up for regulation by the likes of the UK, Malta, or Gibraltar, this is a very positive sign.

Picking Reputable Online Casino Sites

There are many important factors to consider when weighing up registering at an online casino. A safe and secure site is top of the list, as the only risk incurred when betting should be in games of chance and not due to a dubious establishment. Fortunately, according to, it is not difficult to find a short list of the top UK online casinos. Consulting the list saves a lot of time and provides objective reviews of some of the best available operators of good repute. In addition, it makes a comparison of different leading casinos easy when it comes to other crucial factors. These include the most generous promotions (such as no deposit free spins and free cash, as well as match deposit bonuses) and the range of available games. Banking methods are also important, as the ability to quickly and securely transfer funds one way and another means less time waiting to turn profits into cash in the bank. And don’t forget to see how easy it is to contact customer service, how responsive support is, and whether your preferred communication channel (e-mail, telephone, live chat) is enabled.


Another matter that should not be neglected when searching for a good online casino which is not covered by GamStop is that of online security. The majority of online casinos have a robust approach to security, as a reputation can soon crumble if players feel their transactions are not properly protected. This applies not only to deposits and withdrawals but also to the fair use of RNG (random number generators) in games, ensuring that the slots and table games are random and, therefore, fair. While not essential, it’s a good indicator if an online casino has an association with an independent auditor/testing firm such as eCOGRA or TST.


Checking online to ensure a site you’re considering joining is trustworthy is never a bad idea. Reliability is ephemeral and is impossible to discern just by browsing an online casino site. Still, it can be learned by perusing the internet and seeing the experience players have had. One or two sour notes are not necessarily a cause for concern, as these things happen, and sometimes players break the terms of a promo and then feel bitter at ‘losing’ their winnings. However, if this is not a one-off but a persistent pattern with plenty of complaints, then alarm bells should ring. Sites being excessively slow to pay out or imposing onerous conditions on seemingly generous bonuses (such as a tiny withdrawal cap, so maximum winnings are paltry) are one such potential problem. Worse still is when the common ‘we can close your account at any time clause gets abused to deny players their rightful winnings. Luckily, this sort of approach is not too common as people talk online, and a bad reputation means players will steer clear. But this is also why it’s just as well to check a site out before you deposit any cash, just in case you’re unfortunately looking at a bad egg.

Practising before you sign up can be another worthwhile venture, whether this is in person with friends or playing poker in a video game such as Red Dead Redemption 2. The house always has an edge, but if the player is making poor choices, that edge only gets bigger.

GamStop provides a valuable service for those who want to be excluded, but if you want a good non-GamStop UK online casino, then the advice is simple: do a little research.

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