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Better Inventory makes inventory system in Fallout 76 more useful

Bethesda‘s latest game, Fallout 76 is released as you know. In the game that comes with mod support, the mod makers have already started developing mods for the lacks of the game.

With the new mode, the inventory system is becoming much more useful.

The mod maker registrator2000, known for his modes of Fallout 4, has developed one of the most useful modes for Fallout 76 right now. This mode named Better Inventory aims to make the game inventory system much more useful.

The most important two factors in Fallout 76 are hunger and thirst. It is very important that you keep these two factors high with the foods you eat. However, the game does not have the option for filtering food and beverages in your inventory. Better Inventory provides a solution to this problem and allows you to filter the inventory, making it more functional.

It’s very interesting that Bethesda hasn’t added such simple things to the game. Although this issue is currently resolved for PC users, it is unclear whether an update is coming to the console or not. For those who want to use the mode, the download link is here.

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