Bioshock Mod for Half Life Alyx Brings 8 Levels to Explore

Do you miss Rapture City? If you do, you can easily visit if you own Half-Life: Alyx. Because thanks to a Bioshock mod for Alyx, you can visit Rapture.

Bioshock mod for Half-Life: Alyx is available on Steam

Modder ‘Wim Buytaert’ has released a must-have Bioshock mod for Half-Life: Alyx. Return to Rapture is an eight-part story that revisits the iconic world of Rapture from the original BioShock. So this means that you can basically revisit Rapture City thanks to this mod. And as a plus, you will be able to do it on VR. So you can jump right to the underseas.

Return to Rapture, the Bioshock mod for Half-Life: Alyx also features the enemies and weapons of Half-Life: Alyx. So this mod doesn’t just let you travel through Rapture. You need to fight your way along in order to survive and proceed. So, get your iconic crowbar and jump right into the action. But don’t forget to explore all of the maps as they look beautiful.Bioshock Mod for Half Life Alyx Brings 8 Levels to Explore

If you want to download this Bioshock mod for Half-Life: Alyx, you can click here. But the mod developer has some warnings for you. First, Ensure to download all eight maps of Return to Rapture 1-8, you will transition from map to map. And second, Ensure to have at least two free save-files while playing the campaign. Lastly, you can find more details and a gameplay video of the mod just below:

  •  Original soundtrack created just for the campaign! by RPM STUDIO Warszawa.
    Exciting story complete with dialogue from our new professional voice actor Seamus Bryner!
    Atmosphere and visuals never seen before in Half-Life: Alyx!
  •  Audio diaries from the original Bioshock
    Little Sisters machines
    In-game, original vending machines
    Fully animated and modelled fauna!

And here is the live-action trailer for you to see how beautiful the environment of this mod is.

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