Blizzard Releases Classic Tribute: ‘A Toast to 15 Years’

World of Warcraft: Classic has officially been released! Players are either experiencing a whole new Azeroth or returning to it and it is simply glorious. So glorious that more than a dozen new servers had to be added to keep the influx of players in check. The attention was so mind blowing that even Blizzard wasn't expecting this amount of initial interest.

Blizzard Releases Classic Tribute 'A Toast to 15 Years'

A few hours after Classic was launched, World of Warcraft's official channel uploaded a short music video about returning to the original World of Warcraft. It was both incredible and emotional to see, showing us how much passion Blizzard still has for WoW. The video itself took place in a medieval tavern and was loaded with cameos and references.

There were many gentle and not so gentle references to various pop culture and Blizzard's own voice actors and employees. From the legendary player Leeroy Jenkins, to an extremely popular streamer Sodapoppin and even the actor of Hodor from Game of Thrones, a huge fan of World of Warcraft! The video is filled with cameos such as these and you can truly feel the enjoyment Blizzard had during recording. Can you spot the hidden Starbucks cup added in to poke fun at Game of Thrones?

Whether you are a newcomer, experiencing a whole new world or a veteran who is on the brink of tears from nostalgia, we wish you a wonderful World of Warcraft: Classic experience!

World of Warcraft: Classic Game Video

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