Can 10YearChallenge actually be a CIA Project?

Along with the trend under the name of 10YearChallenge, which became famous in social media in recent days, social media users showed how they changed physically within 10 years. It was never explained how this event, which was carried out by Internet phenomena, emerged. Now, an interesting claim was made. Forbes claimed that the 10YearChallenge is actually a project of Facebook and they started it in order to get the older photos of people.

Can 10YearChallenge actually be a CIA Project?

Social media users upload their photos from 2009 and 2019 to show the difference in their selves physically and according to the claim, Facebook keeps the photos to identify a person better. On the other hand, some sources say that this event is a CIA project.

Considering the fact that millions of people around the world are participating in this event, Facebook now should have a pretty good number of photos. Do you think this claim can be true? Does it make sense to you that the project 10YearChallenge is a CIA project within Facebook?

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