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Overwatch Update 3.13 Brings Crossplay. Here is How to Enable it.

Overwatch Update 3.13 is now live. The update brings the long-awaited cross-play option to the game. And we will tell you how you are going to enable it.

Overwatch Update 3.13 is live

Blizzard Entertainment came out with the Overwatch 3.13 update. This update finally brings the cross-play option. This means that even if you are a PC player, you will be able to play with your friends on Console or vice-versa. But you should also keep in mind that this feature is currently in the Beta phase. Which means that you may encounter bugs and errors.

”Cross-Play is now here, allowing players on different platforms to group up and play Overwatch together! All console players are required to make a account and link it to their console account. Everyone who logs into Overwatch by the end of 2021 will receive a Golden Loot Box to celebrate.” Says Blizzard Entertainment about a cross-play feature that came out with the Overwatch update 3.13. You can check out below to learn how to enable the feature:Overwatch Update 3.13 Brings Crossplay. Here is How to Enable it.

How To Enable Cross-play with Overwatch Update 3.13.

Prepare Your Account once you have downloaded the Overwatch Update 3.13.

All console players will be required to make a account and link it to their console (Xbox, PSN, Nintendo) account. PC players do not need to take this step – You already have a account. Upon launching the game, you will be prompted to link your console account to a account. Follow the steps below to create a account, then link your console game account to your account.

 Creating a Account

  1. Visit
  2. Create a free account
  3. Once you create your account, go to your Account Settings
  4. Click on the “Connections” section under Account Settings and link your console

Linking Your Console Game and Accounts

These instructions apply to the in-game steps console players will need to take once Cross-Play is available.

  1. Launch the game on your system
  2. Press the confirmation button to progress through the Overwatch welcome screen
  3. You will be presented with an alpha-numeric code and a QR code
    1. The alpha-numeric code can be entered at
    2. The QR code may be scanned with a mobile app to take you to the linking webpage, which will be pre-populated with the code provided in-game
  4. Log in with your account credentials to finalize the connection between your console game and accounts
  5. You will receive a message in-game that notifies you that your account is now successfully connected

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