Can NASA stop the coronavirus COVID-19?

The White House has announced a new initiative to NASA and the National Science Foundation to create a group of Energy Department laboratories. The aim behind this initiative is to devote computer resources to the fight against the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. According to NASA Manager Jim Bridenstine, who posted mail to his personal Twitter account, “I am proud to lend our supercomputing expertise to help the global fight against COVID-19. For more than 60 years, NASA has tackled its expertise to people around the world, with unexpected challenges. ”

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NASA will use supercomputer expertise to fight coronavirus COVID-19

The White House stated that researchers working on different projects related to COVID-19 can apply to use supercomputing power. Supercomputers will uncover the numbers required to complete these projects, which will accelerate the fight against COVID-19 spread. “America is coming together to fight COVID-19, which means unlocking the full capacity of our world-class supercomputers to rapidly advance scientific research for treatments, vaccines.” said.

Two days ago, scientists and researchers from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory asked IBM’s huge supercomputer called Summit which drugs could be effective to stop COVID-19. The results were published in ChemRxiv magazine and, using an algorithm, determined that Summit is the known 77 drug that can stop the virus from advancing its protein. Thanks to these drugs, the spread of COVID-19 can be stopped.

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