Capcom gave a date for the new Resident Evil announcement!

Capcom has announced a new Resident Evil announcement with a teaser site and code name. The company has regained the hearts of the players with its policy in recent years and has pushed the button for the new Resident Evil game.

Capcom gave a date for the new Resident Evil announcement!

Resident Evil is not mentioned in the announcement page. But like everyone else, we are thinking it’s a Resident Evil game. The RE letters of the project announced with the code name Project Resistance are highlighted in red. In addition, a video countdown will be launched on the same date with the teaser site. Moreover, this video is planned from Biohazard’s Youtube account.

The first information of the game will be released on Tokyo Game Show 2019. There is a chance that the new game is Resident Evil 8. But if you look at the companies attitude in recent years, it is likely that Resident Evil 3 Remake or a different side game. You can reach the game’s teaser site by clicking here.

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