CD Projekt RED Devs Always Knew Cyberpunk 2077 Not Ready For 2020

It was delayed three times before Cyberpunk 2077 came out, and it probably needed more delay. Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier interviewed more than 20 current and former CD Projekt RED devs.

Cyberpunk 2077 developers did not believe that the game will release in 2020. Also, the company aware that the game not ready to release in 2020. One of the developers even stated that they expect the game to release in 2022. It depends on the progress they have made.

CD Projekt RED Devs Knows Cyberpunk 2077 Not Ready For 2020

CD Projekt RED Devs Stated, The Production of The Game Literally Started In 2016

As the game’s release approached, everyone in the studio knew the game was in a difficult situation. Also, needed more time, and in the three-week delay, the programmers tried to fix as many bugs as possible, but at that point a smooth launch impossible. The first announced release date, April 16, 2020, had no truth to it, and it thought to a joke within the team.

Adrian Jakubiak, the CD Projekt RED devs studio’s former sound programmer, said he worked up to 13 hours a day, and that he had friends who had problems with their family due to long working hours. Also, the demo showed at the E3 event completely fake and they spent months preparing this fake demo, which stole it from the production process.

Some veteran The Witcher 3 developers left the team because of the conflict with the vision of Cyberpunk 2077 director Adam Badowski. More than 500 people worked out of Cyberpunk 2077. Almost twice as much as The Witcher 3. However, this time it became difficult to control the team and to maintain order. Jason Schreier says some of them know only Polish, and some speak only English, so communication breaks occur. Salaries paid to employees are also low. A little senior programmer paid $ 700 a month.

CD Projekt RED devs CEO Marcin Iwinski apologized to the players in the video recently released and stated that the management team is responsible for the problematic launch of the game. According to Jason Schreier, the company has very confident in its success with The Witcher 3 and said we’ll get it done somehow.

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