COD Vanguard Weapon Perks and Attachments Have Been Leaked Online

COD Vanguard weapon perks and attachments have been leaked online before the release of the game. The weapons come with lots of bonuses.

COD Vanguard weapon perks and bonuses are here

As we all know, one of the most important features of Call of Duty games is that the weapons come with attachments and perks that can be acquired by playing the game. These perks and attachments define how a player plays the game and uses the weapons. The latest instalment COD Vanguard weapon perks and attachments also surfaced on the web.

COD Vanguard weapon perks and bonuses have been leaked by TheMW2GhostOG. Thanks to the leak, we can see that the STG44 has a level cap of 71. However, this can change as the game still has time to get released. Activision will release the game on November 5. So the perks and attachments can change over time. You can check out the COD Vanguard weapon perks and attachments for STG44 below:

COD Vanguard Weapon Perks and Attachments Have Been Leaked Online

Level 2: Nydar Model 47
Level 3: Skythe Compensator
Level 4: Skeletal Stock
Level 5: Zeiss G16 2.5x
Level 6: Maxim Silencer
Level 7: Rubber Grip

Level 8: Slate Reflector
Level 9: Konstanz Tactical
Level 10: T1 Flash Hider
Level 11: Taped Grip
Level 12: Subsonic Rounds
Level 13: .22 LR Mags
Level 14: MK 3 SunFilter
Level 15: FMJ Round
Level 16: Leather Grip
Level 17: ZC2 1.35x Lens
Level 18: Lightweight Short
Level 19: Fast Melee*
Level 20: Pressure*
Level 21: Carver Foregrip
Level 22: *Reach* & *Frangible*
Level 23: 620mm Jäger
Level 24: M3 Ready Grip
Level 25: 7.92x57mm Rounds
Level 26: Recoil Booster
Level 27: Fabric Grip & *Acrobatic*
Level 28: M19 4.0x Flip
Level 29: Bipod & *Surplus*
Level 30: K98 Scout 9x Telescopic

Level 31: Quicksilver Silencer & Monocular Reflector
Level 32: *Vital*
Level 33: Armour Piercing
Level 34: M1913 Variable 4-8x Scope & Grooved Grip
Level 35: Flashlight
Level 36: *Iron Lungs*
Level 37: Monitor Brake
Level 38: ROF Extra Short & Saturn Lens 1.35x
Level 39: *Nerves of Steel*
Level 40: Hatched Grip
Level 41: ZF4 3.5x Rifle Scope & SML Pistol Grip
Level 42: *Fully Loaded*
Level 43: Stock Removed & ZF41 7.0X Telescopic
Level 44: *Incendiary*

Level 45: M38/Slate 2.5x Custom
Level 46: *Focus*
Level 47: FB Stabiliser
Level 48: M38 5.0x telescopic & Bakelight Grip
Level 49: m1930 Madson
Level 50: *Fluted Long*
Level 51: MK 3 Mod.2 Sunfilter & *Defender*
Level 52: Pine Tar Grip
Level 53: 8mm Kurz Round Drum
Level 54: ZG 1229 Vampir
Level 55: *Sleight of Hand*
Level 56: *Lengthened*
Level 57: Marksman Stock
Level 58: Bayonet
Level 59: Spitfire Mk3 Reflector
Level 60: *Heavy Hitter*

Level 61: 1229/Slate 3.25x Custom & Granular Grip
Level 62: *Hollow Point*
Level 63: SVT-40 PU Scope
Level 64: *On Hand*
Level 65: MK6 Para
Level 66: MK 18 Sunfilter
Level 67: Stippled Grip
Level 68: Heavy Stock & Mustang MK8 Reflector
Level 69: 7.92x57mm Mauser Fast Mags
Level 70: M1941 Handstop
Level 71: Medium Ironsights & Large Ironsights

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