Crusader Kings III Update Ruler Designer Released

Paradox Interactive released the Ruler Designer feature for the critically acclaimed strategy game Crusader Kings III as a free update. This feature allows players to fully customize saints and sinners, geniuses and scammers, handsome thugs, and ugly scholars. Alongside the Ruler Designer feature, a new patch has also released that brings several major updates and fixes to the game.

Crusader Kings III New Update Released

Since its release on September 1, 2020, Crusader Kings III players have taken the place of historic rulers many times, leading them to a glorious victory or an unfortunate defeat. With the Ruler Designer feature, players can design the best or worst rulers with customization options covering appearance, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and more, and then quickly dive into the chaos and drama that have become the hallmark of the game.

# Free Features

  • Added a Ruler Designer where you can customize the ruler you’ll start with before the game starts. This works with achievements – but under certain restrictions.
  • Added a character, Kill List, to the character window
  • Added the functionality to attach your armies to another allied army located in the same province in order to follow the other army

The ability to create unique characters was an essential part of Crusader Kings II and proved to be one of the game’s most sought-after expansion features. With the update coming, Paradox Interactive is bringing this feature to Crusader Kings III for all players to enjoy. In addition, patch 1.2 brings many updates and fixes to Crusader Kings III. The highlights are as follows:

# Art

  • Tribal holdings now look different between the major tribal regions on the map
  • Added another visual level of tribal walls for the lowest possible fort level
  • Ugly characters now look more ugly, to a reasonable extent, by distorting specific facial features more than before
  • Characters young enough to be sitting in the main menu will now sit in front of the others
  • Christian faiths with Vows of Poverty will now see their priests dress no more fancy than a simple monk or nun
  • Moved the Norfolk holding to a more accurate position
  • Reduced the threshold at which a unit gets improved visuals. Now only armies with the lowest Quality will have an unarmored unit, making armored units more common for increased variety.

The Crusader Kings III Ruler Designer feature and other changes will automatically add to the game when you complete the latest update. For more information, you can view the patch notes here. The suggested retail price of Crusader Kings III at Steam, Paradox Store, and other online retail outlets is $49.99/£ 41.99/€ 49.99

Crusader Kings III Update Ruler Designer Released

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