Cyber Protocol: Become better than Hackerman in arcade hacking game

Cyberpunk may be quite a popular genre lately, but developers from RedDeerGames are taking the most interesting part of battling evil companies of the future and mashing it up with arcade-like game mechanics. Hacking was never more fun and intuitive, and on Nintendo Switch you can sabotage systems wherever you go!

Cyber Protocol: Become better than Hackerman in arcade hacking game

So, your friendly companion – Android G0X6 – really got it this time. The job went pretty badly and you can kind of say that he’s dead, if androids could be alive, to begin with. Hold up! No grieving for hack’s sake! You could access his mainframe, activate the protocol responsible for his “life” functions and get him back on his toes again. Are you up to the challenge?

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I mean, it’s not an easy task as G0X6 has a hack-ton of security systems to breach if you want to get him moving again. I’d say it would be around 100 boards and many of them are full of traps and you’ll need to use different hacking tricks and mechanics to get through those puzzle-like systems. Use your brain as often as you use your skills and remember the first principle of hacking – you can challenge any problem in a number of ways. 

Hack buddies

Repairing your Android buddy takes a lot of time and effort. You can get a bit tired. Don’t worry – just allow yourself to clear your mind. I have an idea! You could ask your friends to come and play some competitive hacking games in the meantime! Or you could just hack some random systems using Arcade Mode and check on the leaderboard on how your skills compare against the top 20 hackers from the global hacking community.

And if you prefer to chill out in a more hack-less way, sit down comfortably, close your eyes and listen to one of many soothing synthwave and 8-bit tunes included in the Music Player. That’s nice, isn’t it? You can also relax while checking out some various retro themes, avatars, and sounds for your hacking interface. Personalize to your hearts’ content. Even small changes can help you think fresh about possible hacking solutions.

Cyber Protocol is coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch. The Cyber Protocol will be avilable on September 26th for a discounted price of 7.77 EUR/USD till October 12th and afterwards for the regular price of 9.99 EUR/USD.

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