Dark Souls 3 Mod Brings Brand New Content to The Game

The Souls series is one of the best series of recent years. This time Dark Souls 3 is back with another mod. It brings new content and makes the game harder.

This Dark Souls 3 mod features more than 1000 enemies

Modder ‘Raime1995’ has released a must-have mod for all Dark Souls 3 fans out there. Born From The Ashes makes the game even harder than ever before. With this mod, lots of enemies come into the game. Not only that, but we can also see lots of free content with this mod. And, the Born From The Ashes mod is just 6 GB. So you can download it right away.

Let’s give you some more details about the Born From The Ashes mod for Dark Souls.  this mod features more than 1000 enemies, manually added and scattered around the world to boost the difficulty level. And also, there are 28 armours with unique powerful passives and buffed defences. In addition, players also can find lots of new powerful weapon arts.Dark Souls 3 Mod Brings Brand New Content to The Game Born From The Ashes mod for Dark Souls 3 also comes with some visual changes. Such as new icons for weapons and armours, new descriptions and a new HUD. Also, you can hear some different boss battle music throughout the game. And in addition to all of these, there are also new covenant icons.769 1608828958 720678470

There is also an NG+7 cycle balanced by buffing different armours, rings and weapons skills. Players also have the ability to go to the next NG cycle right from the first bonfire in the shrine. And for those who want more realism, this mod for Dark Souls 3 provides much more drawing distance than the vanilla version of the game. In short, terms, if you are a hardcore fan of Dark Souls, this is a must-have mod for you. You can download it right away by clicking here.


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