A new cinematic has released for Total War: Three Kingdoms

A new cinematic trailer has released for Total War: Three Kingdoms. The cinematic trailer shows us legendary hero Zhuge Liang.

A new cinematic has released for Total War: Three Kingdoms

Total War: Three Kingdoms Game Trailer Video

Zhuge Liang, an incredibly talented strategist, is willing only to serve an honourable master. In this age of boundless greed, hope of finding someone worthy seems lost. Until he meets the kind and virtuous man of the people, Liu Bei. Together, they will fight to bring peace to China and restore harmony to its embattled landscape.

Total War: Three Kingdoms will have a tour-based scenario with its empire building and conquering characteristics. The battles of the game will be developed in real time. Epic battles await us as we see in the video. The game will discuss the battles and stories of the Wei, Shu and Wu dynasties.

Total War: Three Kingdoms will be released for the PC on March 7th, 2019. The game is already the most pre-ordered game in the series. What do you think about Total War: Three Kingdoms, will it be able to bring back the taste which strategy lovers missed?

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