Disk Drive Issues in Some Xbox Series X Systems

More people are getting their hands on the new Xbox Series consoles. And people start to complain about the issues they had already. The biggest problem seems like the disk drive issues on some Xbox Series X consoles.

Disk Drive Issues in Some Xbox Series X Systems

It was expected that after the release of the new console, there will be some issues. As soon as people start to use their new consoles, issues occured by the time. One of the most frustrating issue was the disk drive problem. When users try to insert a disk to their console, the disk got stuck halfway to the console or not accepted in any way. And the clicking noise while inserting the disk inside. Lots of users posted on Twitter about the disk issue they have on their Xbox.

Lots of Users Having Similar Problems

There is also a post on Reddit where lots of users share and complain about the same problem. Some of the users said that they solved the problem using some “brute” force while inserting the disk. But of course, we don’t recommend you to use that “brute” force. Instead you can contact with your dealer. And some other issue is that when users insert the disk successfully, it fails to load or making a loud noise while games are installing.


Some users said that they fixed the problem themselves. After opening the console, they saw that the fan was impacting on a cable that wasn’t sitting in the right place. So when they fixed the cable on the right place, the console started to work perfect. As we said before, instead of trying to fix your device by yourself, try to contact your dealer.

There is no response for the disk drive issues on Xbox from the Microsoft side yet, but we are sure that they will come up with a solution. Stay tuned, enjoy.

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