DLive makes both streamers and viewers earn money

Operating as a live broadcast and video platform over the internet, California-based DLive now offers its audience the chance to earn money with its new application. Now in DLive, viewers can also watch live broadcasts while earning Lino points from the booty box and can use these points to support broadcasters. To fill the booty box faster, you need to write to the chat section on the site and spend more time in the broadcast. In this way, the audience plays a more active role during the broadcast and they can support the streamers by donating their Lino points.

DLive makes both streamers and viewers earn money

How the earnings are provided on the platform? The followers donate to the streamers they like and help the streamers to earn points; Lino Network also rewards streamers with bonus points. In this way, the streamers can convert Lino points to money. The feature that is appreciated by the streamers is; On other platforms, prizes and donations are shown as currency units, while Lino points are sent to the streamers by symbols. Participants who want to donate can do so with things such as: Lemon, ice cream, diamond and ninjaghini. This increases the interaction between the streamer and the audience.

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