Epic Games Fortnite’s New Award-Winning Event and Performance Mode

Epic Games announced a new event and a new performance mode of the game that Fortnite players can take advantage of and win different rewards. Players will bring their old friends back to the game as part of the event. Performance mode will both increase the fluidity of the game and allow it to take up less storage space.

Providing a unique experience for many players by combining the elements of building the battle royale game genre. So, Fortnite has ranked first in the list of the most played games in recent years. However, like every game, Fortnite started to gradually decrease the number of players.

Epic Games, which had an eventful week with the Play Store and the App Store, and the game removed from both app stores. Also, launched an event after the decrease in the number of players. The company’s event called “Revive a Teammate Beta” aimed at bringing back former Fortnite players.

Epic Games Fortnite's New Award-Winning Event and Performance Mode

Epic Games: Players Who Bring Back Friends Who Used To Play Fortnite Are Rewarded

Epic Games sought the help of its current players to reclaim their former players. Through the event that started on December 14, players who previously played Fortnite will be able to bring back their friends to the game. Besides, add the various rewards Epic Games offers to their accounts.

New Performance Mode For Low Specification Computers:

In addition, Epic Games gave a piece of good news to the players with its new announcement today. The company announced that they are adding a new performance mode to the game for all computers that meet Fortnite’s minimum system requirements. With the performance mode that can select from the in-game settings menu, players will be able to experience a smoother Fortnite experience on their low-spec computers.

The size of the game can also reduce with the new performance mode. Players will be able to remove the ‘Use High-Quality Skins’ option by going into Fortnite’s settings on Epic Games with high-resolution skins in Fortnite. In this way, the storage of the game on the disk will reduce by 14 GB.

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