Farewell Captain America

Chris Evans shared the sad news

Chris Evans, who first appeared in the Fantastic Four series, was then chosen for the role of Captain America and made millions of people admire him. Chris Evans played a very important role in the Avengers: Infinity War as Captain America. He recently shared information that he left Marvel, as everyone predicted before. Evans said that he was honored to be in this role for eight years in his tweet, and thanked for the beautiful memories.

Chris Evans shared a farewell message

After the tweet, about 300 thousand people commented to Chris Evans. The fans who thank the actor with the #thankyouchrisevans hashtag via Twitter, are afraid that Robert Downey Jr., who played Iron Man, is going to leave Marvel too. Because the fans of the series convinced themselves that Iron Man and Captain America are going to die in Avengers 4.

Maybe the screenwriters could get these two actors out of the series normally instead of killing them in the movies. We will see together what will happen in the film that will be released in 2019.

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