Farming Simulator 19 Review: Let’s Raise Some Crops

Simulation games appeal to a wider audience than other game genres. They are able to be played for hours by the players when the games have high quality. Even at the times, you say “I’m just gonna take a quick look”. The simulation games you play can lock you in front of the screen for hours. The new game of the Farming Simulator series Farming Simulator 19, which has an important place among the simulation games and does not lower the quality, has recently released. You can become the emperor of the agricultural industry in the game. We can observe the production of the most basic needs of humanity step by step. People need food, and you need money. Therefore, you need to be qualified as well as you need to be quick. So here is our Farming Simulator 19 review.

Farming Simulator 19 Review

Farming Simulator 19 review

From the moment you sit in your seat, you are filled with the peace of mind. You are doing nothing but working the soil, getting away from the stress that you are experiencing in everyday life, leaving the elements that are annoying you in competitive games. The series developed by Giants Software and distributed by Focus Home Interactive. The game presented to the players one year later (Farming Simulator 18 launched for mobile platforms). Farming Simulator has high sales figures although it seems to be lost among the major AAA games.

The biggest innovation of the game is the graphics compared to Farming Simulator 17. In the game which has more detailed designs, we also noticed that the introduction videos now have better quality. Middle-sized trees standing on the grass, the sounds of the birds, the whistles of the wind. And the barking dogs meet you in the first mission of the game. If the virtual reality support was provided to Farming Simulator 19, it would probably never be unsuitable.

Farming Simulator 19 review

3 modes of Farming Simulator 19

When you start the game you will see three game modes. You can choose from New Farmer, Farm Manager and Start From Scratch modes and start the game. We must mention that all three will push the players in different ways. Although these modes have the same control mechanics. In New Farmer mode, the game gives you the necessary equipment for farming and teaches you how the game is. So in terms of difficulty, we can say that this is the easiest mode.

In the Farm Manager mode, you start your career with a lot of money and try to grow your economic size. The last mode, Start From Scratch, gives you a small amount of money, makes you suffer from handling the economics. If you are not familiar with the series, let’s underline that you need to know what to produce while playing this mode. Let’s not forget that the game has a multiplayer mode and you can farm with your friends.

Farming Simulator 19 review

Unfortunately, I have to mention that there is not much innovation in Farming Simulator 19 compared to the previous games except graphics. I think the biggest lack of the game is the season system besides the number of vehicles. Also, the game repeats itself after some time spent. Likewise, if we consider that this is a farming simulation, there are not any different soil structures and soil processing methods.

Last words for Our Review

In the end, if you like simulation games and are looking for a game that will literally clear your head, you definitely should try Farming Simulator 19. But if you’ve played the previous games and you’re looking for innovations that will surprise you in the new game, unfortunately, Farming Simulator 19 won’t satisfy you.

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