UFC 3 Review: Be the Greatest of All Time

UFC is one of the most enjoyable martial sports in the world. The reason behind that love, because it has so many different martial arts. And able to present them to both the audience and the fighters. Of course, a sport that is so enjoyable to watch, EA Sports came out with the UFC series. Because it would be the same pleasure to play. UFC, which is one of my favourite two fighting series in the game world, is far from the simplicity of the classic fighting games and it is a delightful act with its visually realistic style. Two years after the UFC 2’s release, EA Sports, announced a new UFC, launched the UFC 3 last week. So here is our UFC 3 review.

UFC 3 Review

The output of the UFC 3 was relatively quieter than the other EA Sports games. However, I was very excited to see UFC 3. Now cut it short and let’s examine what UFC 3 offers to us.

UFC 3 Review

First of all, I would like to point out that the controls of the game offer minor changes. For example, to prevent attacks against our face, we get the guard with the R2 key. And the guard against the body is L2 + R2. While playing the game, it is useful to carefully examine the phrases that the game displays on the screen in order to teach you. Even if you have played the UFC 2 for a long time, you can see the innovations and new control mechanics in these sections.

Of course, the subject is UFC, the most important part of the game is the feeling of strokes. Real Player Motion technology, which is used in other games of EA Sports and which makes animations much more natural, is also included in UFC 3. Their reaction with the punches that you put on your opponent really gives you a full feeling. Usually, when I play UFC 3 I only play with a fist and turn it into a boxing match.

UFC 3 Review

Speaking of animations, more than 2,000 additions are added to the game. Compared to UFC 2, you see repeated animations much more rarely. This has been a factor that removes the monotony of the game when you are constantly playing. However, we can’t say there is no error in the animations. In rare instances, there may be glaring situations such as the characters gathering at the speed of light But as I said, these are very rare situations.

The graphical wise, UFC 3 doesn’t create wonders compared to the previous game. But it has been improved with fine touches. Even the graphics of the second game is more than enough for the time being. With the changes made in the animations, and the feeling of a more satiated and high quality in UFC 3. And enough to meet our expectations visually.

UFC 3 Review

Long story short UFC 3, if you had fun in the first two games, you can be sure that you will meet your expectations in the third game. Although the new game has not made a big step in the series. If you’ve played the UFC 2 for hundreds of hours, you can definitely buy the UFC 3. However, if you only play it when meeting with your friends or rarely opened the first last one, the second game will be enough for you.

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