Final Fantasy XIV PS5 Version Coming On May 25

Square Enix announced that the Final Fantasy XIV PS5 version will be released on May 25. Additionally, the game will offer faster loading times, 4K resolution support, a high-resolution user interface, tactile feedback feature of the DualSense controller, new trophies, and 3D audio support in PlayStation 5 Besides that, the 5.55 update of the game is coming on May 25.

Final Fantasy XIV PS5 Version Update 5.55 will bring the second part of the Death Unto Dawn main scenario, updates to Save the Queen missions, final missions of YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse, and rewards for those who collect all Triple Triad cards.

Final Fantasy XIV PS5 Version Coming On May 25

Square Enix also shared the following Final Fantasy XIV content roadmap:

  • May 25 – Patch 5.55
  • July – “Make it Rain” Campaign
  • June to July – Patch 5.57
  • July to August – Patch 5.58
  • August – “Moonfire Faire” / “The Rising”
  • September – Final Fantasy XV Collaboration Returns
  • November 23 – Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Expansion Launch

Final Fantasy XIV PS5 Version Coming On May 25

Final Fantasy XIV, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game with more than 22 million registered players, is currently available on PlayStation 4, PC, and Mac. Also, Square Enix announced that the Final Fantasy XIV PS5 version will be released on May 25.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker expansion launches November 23

The Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker expansion will launch for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC via Steam, and Mac on November 23, Square Enix announced (2) at Final Fantasy XIV Digital Fan Festival 2021.

Square Enix also announced the following new content for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker:

  • New Job: Reaper – The Reaper is a scythe-swinging melee DPS specialist who calls upon an avatar from the Void to join them in close-quarter combat. Reapers can even serve as a host for their avatar! It’s a brutal, flamboyant fighting style that’s quite unlike anything else in Final Fantasy XIV — and it looks like amazing fun.
  • New Playable Race: Male Viera – Male Viera will join Endwalker as a new playable race, giving Warriors of Light yet another race to enjoy during their adventures.
  • New City: Old Sharlayan
  • Travel to Expansive New Areas: Labyrinthos and Mare Lamentorum – Labyrinthos is an artificial training ground that’s quite unlike anything the Warriors of Light have seen before. For something a little less earthbound, you’ll get to traverse the stunning lunar landscape of Mare Lamentorum.
  • New Tribes to Encounter: Loporrits – The bunny-like Loporrits will also add a touch of adorableness to the expansion. They’re a genuinely fascinating addition to the game’s diverse world, and you’ll get to learn a lot about them when the expansion releases in November.
  • New Threats to Overcome: The Magus Sisters – In Endwalker, you’ll be pitted against some particularly tough foes that Final Fantasy fans may be familiar with: the Magus Sisters. This trio of troublemakers first appeared in Final Fantasy IV, and later returned to support Yuna as powerful aeons in Final Fantasy X. Now they’re back, and this new form may just be the most intimidating yet…
  • New Alliance Raid Series: “Myths of the Realm” – Endwalker will introduce a brand new alliance raid series, and it looks to be one of the most exciting yet – particularly for long-term fans and Hydaelyn historians. Titled ‘Myths of the Realm’ it’ll take you deeper into the lore FINAL FANTASY XIV Online than ever before – all while presenting an exciting challenge.
  • A New Data Center: Oceania – Players in Australia and New Zealand will be getting a new place to call home, with a brand new data center on the way. We’ll have more information about this in the coming months, so stay tuned.

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