Free Watchdogs 2 If You Couldn’t Log-in in the Event

Yesterday, we had the chance to see the new Ubisoft games in Ubisoft Forward Event. Before the event, Ubisoft had announced that everyone who watches the stream will get free Watchdogs 2 if they log-in with their Ubisoft account during the event.

There were two ways to get your free copy of Watchdogs 2. One of them was thru Twitch. To get your game thru Twitch, you should have linked your Twitch account and Ubisoft account. Then while watching the stream, you would get your free copy as a drop. The second way was, watching the stream through the Uplay client.

Free Watchdogs 2 If You Couldn't Log-in in the Event

Nearly 500k people were watching the stream. So due to the high interest for the free game, Ubisoft servers started to have problems. People couldn’t log in with their Ubisoft accounts. We were also watching the stream and we also couldn’t log in to our accounts. People started to show their reactions thru the live stream chat. As we couldn’t log in, that meant, we also won’t be getting our free copy of Watchdogs 2. And Ubisoft couldn’t seem to fix the problem at that moment.

During the stream, Ubisoft made an announcement on their Tweeter account. They said: “We’ll be giving out the rewards to all of you, even if you were unable to log in successfully.”

All you should do is go to this website and log in with your Ubisoft account. After you do this, you will get your free copy of Watchdogs 2. After doing this, your free copy will be added to your Uplay game library soon. You will also get some in-game rewards for various other Ubisoft games.

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