Galaxy Tab S8 May Come With Huge 14.6-Inch Screen

New details have emerged about the Galaxy Tab S8 family, which we expect Samsung to introduce this year. According to the information, the tablet, which will be released in 3 different versions, seems to delight users in the battery area. In the face of the praise it has received thanks to the tablets it has recently launched, Samsung continues to move forward without slowing down. It seems that Samsung, which we see very satisfied with its devices such as Tab S7 and S6, will raise the bar in its new generation tablets.

According to the information, there will be 3 devices in the Galaxy Tab S8 family. These will be devices with screens of 11 inches, 12.4 inches, and 14.6 inches. All three of the devices will offer a 120hz screen refresh rate. While the 11-inch model uses an LCD screen, the 12.4 and 14.6-inch devices will use OLED technology.

Galaxy Tab S8 May Come With Huge 14.6-Inch Screen

Galaxy Tab S8 Battery capacity will delight users

The smallest member of the Galaxy Tab S8 family, the 11-inch device, will use an 8,000 mAh battery. When we come to the 12.4-inch device, the 10,090 mAh battery will meet us. The device, which we can call gigantic 14.6 inches in size, will have a battery of 12,000 mAh. All three devices will support fast charging of 45W.

It is stated that the 11 and 12.4-inch devices will offer 8 GB of RAM, as well as 128 or 256 GB storage options. The 14.6-inch device will be launched in two options, 8GB RAM and 128GB storage, or 12GB RAM and 512GB storage.

In the camera area, it seems that all three of the devices will be accompanied by a 13 MP rear camera and a 5 MP ultra-wide-angle camera. But when it comes to the front camera, our 14.6-inch device, which is the highest model, will have a 5 MP ultra-wide-angle camera besides the 8 MP front camera.

Samsung’s new tablets are expected to be introduced in August. If its plans go well, Samsung could spend this August quite productively, thanks to the many expected devices. Finally, don’t forget to share your thoughts about the Galaxy Tab S8 in the comments section below.

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