Game Stores Opening Across England And Northern Ireland

On Monday 15 June, GAME announced that it would reopen all its stores in England and Northern Ireland, as policy controls are lifted to allow the opening of the non-essential stores. Shops in Scotland and Wales will be ready for opening but will remain closed until lock-down controls in these countries are removed. The shops are opened to facilitate social isolation, meaning that there would actually be less staff and a relatively limited number of customers allowed in shops at the same time. GAME also urges people to use their click and collect services to reduce the number of people in businesses. Below is the complete statement from GAME:

Today GAME confirmed that all stores across England and Northern Ireland will open from Monday 15th June in line with the latest Government guidance. All stores in Wales and Scotland are ready to re-open but will remain closed until current guidelines are lifted. Customers can check if their nearest store is open here.

GAME are encouraging customers to us their Click and Collect service as customers in store will be limited.

Whilst GAME stores are opening, the Belong Arenas will remain closed for the time being and will look to re-open when Government Guidelines permit.

If you want the nearest Game Store to your location, you can check it from their website.

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