Gearbox Published ”Mask of Mayhem” Borderlands 3 Teaser Trailer

Gearbox released a new teaser trailer called ''Mask of Mayhem'' for its long awaited looter shooter game Borderlands 3. In the new trailer, we can see plenty amount of un-textured 3D models forming up and creating a giant mask. The official reveal of Borderlands 3 is expected to happen during the Gearbox's presentation at PAX East Conference today. You can watch the ''Mask of Mayhem'' teaser below: 

New Borderlands 3 teaser trailer arrived

Borderlands 3 Game Trailer Video

In addition to this teaser, some attentive players realized there is a Morse code embedded in the trailer video. If you translate the code to English, it says ''Count the Sirens''. Its known that there is a special race in Borderlands universe called ''Siren''. These ladies have powerful abilities, like Lilith in the first Borderlands game or Maya in Borderlands 2, and there are only 6 known Sirens in the universe. Let's see how this Morse code is related to Borderland's Sirens. 

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