Global gaming industry earned a total revenue of approximately $134 billion

According to a report by based on 2018 data, in 2018, the global gaming industry recorded significant growth. According to the report, the global gaming industry earned a total revenue of approximately $134 billion in 2018. In 2017, the global gaming industry had earned a total revenue of approximately $121.7. In 2019, this figure is expected to reach approximately $151.9 billion.

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According to the 2018 report, the total revenue earned by the gaming industry in 2018 reached $134 billion. The total revenue consists of: $63.2 billion on mobile games, $33.4 billion on PC platform games, $11.4 billion on tablet games, $39.1 billion on smartphone games, $4.3 billion on browser PC games, $29.2 billion on boxed/downloaded PC games, $38.3 billion on consoles games. According to UK data, 44 percent of the game sales in the UK is PS4, while 31.4 percent is Xbox One, 19.6 percent is Switch, 2.9 percent is 3DS, 0.8 percent is PC, 0.5 percent is Wii, 0.2 percent is X360 and 0.4 percent is other platforms.

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