Creative Assembly has postponed Total War: Three Kingdoms

Creative Assembly‘s upcoming strategy game Total War: Three Kingdoms has postponed. The company planned to release game on March 7, 2019 but today they announced that they will need more time for the game.

Total War: Three Kingdoms has postponed to May 23, 2019

Creative Assembly has posted an announcement on Total War: Three Kingdoms‘ Steam page and revealed that the game will be released on May 23 instead of March 7. In the announcement; “There are some revolutionary features going in and it’s looking really good. But we want to make sure it’s great. So we’re moving the release date to 23 May, 2019.” they stated.

Total War: Three Kingdoms will take players to a war between  Wei, Shu and Wu dynasties in ancient China. The game will have 12 playable faction (and you can unlock Dong Zhuo as 13th faction). What do you think about this delay? Are you excited for Total War: Three Kingdoms?

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