Godfall Official Launch Trailer Released

Gearbox and Counterplay Games have released an official launch trailer for the Godfall game. With the trailer, the developers also held a question and answer session. One of the games we will hear the most in the near future will be Godfall. The game, which will come with PlayStation 5 on November 12, will be available to PC players through the Epic Games store. The launch trailer of Godfall released shortly before the release of the game.

Godfall hasn’t stood out with much of his story so far. Our knowledge about the game was rather that we were going to shoot a lot of things and collect a lot of things. Of course, we should not ignore the great graphics, which are the result of the collaboration with PS5 and AMD.

Godfall Official Launch Trailer Released

Godfall Official Launch Trailer Released

The launch trailer of Godfall begins with the civil war between the two brothers. It is Macros who wins the fight of these two brothers named Orin and Macros and becomes a “mad god” who spoiled with immortality. Orin also swears to stop his brother and is fighting across the four realms.

The game includes characters called Valor Plate. We can equip these characters with a total of eight different items. These come in the form of two weapons, a symbol, a necklace, two rings, a Lifestone, and a banner. Although Dick Heyne, the senior technical producer of the game, emphasizes Lifestone and banner specifically, each item enhances the attributes of our character.

Godfall Official Launch Trailer Released

Life stones, called Lifestones, showed as Godfall’s main healing source while bringing different features with them. Banners also give area effect buffs. Players can also change between the two weapons they equipped with at any time.

Question And Answer Session

After the release of the launch trailer, Heyne, Counterplay CEO Keith Lee, and YouTubers Arekkz and My Name Is Byf held a Q&A session on the game’s mechanics. In this session, information was given about the level limit, game mechanics, end game, and Godfall’s universe.

Godfall will be released on November 12th. The game will also find a place on PC, PlayStation 5, and Epic Games. Also, you can reach our Godfall system requirements news here. What do you guys think about this game?

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