Alphabet by Google turns into a trillion-dollar company!

Google Alphabet is the fourth US company to reach this rating – behind with $1.4 billion behind Apple and $1.27 billion behind Microsoft, with Amazon now worth $931 billion. 

Google Alphabet turns into a trillion-dollar company!

Google Alphabet turns into a trillion-dollar company

According to Guardian, it’s a remarkable rise for Alphabet, which floated as Google for $85 a share in 2004. After its initial public offering, Silicon Valley was worth $23 billion. 

It followed its tech rivals Microsoft, Apple and Amazon over the $1tn mark, in the middle of a long rally in the so-called Faang market.

Google’s value has steadily increased as it strengthened its grasp on the search market, improved its advertising revenue from web searches and YouTube, developed and expanded the Android mobile operating system, and introduced a range of smart-tech products, including Google Home and Google Assistant.

Alphabet may be aiming for new peaks, with some analysts predicting it might reach the $2tn mark.

“As Alphabet joins Apple, Microsoft and (from time to time) Amazon among the tech companies that have reached this level, it is just the start of the business. It still has considerably more room to grow. Both in its core online advertising business as it innovates in advertising monetization and formats and in its cloud computing sector,” Rossbach said.

“The new multi-trillion dollar markets, such as healthcare, are also threatened by this technology. Its sizeable investments give Alphabet a sustainable competitive edge as it spreads this technology across its market. The Alphabet can be a $2tn company in the near future and is a compelling opportunity for long-term investors.”

Nevertheless, the technology sector is also faced with demands for increased privacy and antitrust legislation. Earlier this month, Google was accused of “losing its way” by its former head of international relations, who claims to prioritize profits over human rights.

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