New Invention ”Stan” Is Ready to Park Your Cars

It seems, in the not too distant future, people willforget the task of parking their vehicles and will leave this work in the handsof robots. Stanley Robotics, which has carried out tests with autonomous valetrobots in some airports in Europe, and now has made this service available tothe general public in France.

Stanley Robotics’ new invention Stan

The Lyon-Saint-Exupéry airport has enabled an areawhere Stanley Robotics can park your car and deliver it on your return. Uponarrival at the airport, the driver will leave his vehicle in a kind of garageto later scan his boarding pass. The robot Stan will pick up the vehicle andtake it to one of the 500 available parking spaces.

Stan acts like a valet and facilitates things for thedriver, since on his return he will not have to look for his car in the wholecomplex. It will be enough to get to the same place where you left it and pickup the car. Stanley Robotics takes the data from your travel itinerary toensure that the vehicle will be available as soon as you arrive to pick it up.

According to its creators, Stan is more efficient thana human at the time of parking cars. The autonomous robots are able to optimizethe space by 50% and thus be able to park more vehicles in the designated area.Stan has a platform that lifts the cars and moves them from the garage to theparking area.

This valet robot has the same technology as autonomouscars and is capable of scanning the environment and reacting to obstacles. Themanufacturer revealed that in a first phase, Stan will be supervised by humanbeings in order to solve the problems that may arise. Later it will bemonitored remotely.

The price for using the service for a week is 54 euros. The manufacturer said it will carry out a second test at GatwickAirport, London

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