Hearts of Iron IV Battle for the Bosporus New Videos Revealed

The deep World War 2 Strategy Game Hearts of Iron IV is back with a new DLC. The DLC is titled Battle for Bosporus. Upcoming DLC focuses on three countries: Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria. But Greece is not available on the videos.

Hearts of Iron IV Battle for the Bosporus DLC will release on October 15

Paradox releases two videos about Battle for the Bosporus. The videos focus on two of the countries featured in the DLC, Turkey and Bulgaria. The third will be Greece, but the video about it has not been released yet. All of the three countries will receive new unit models and brand-new focus trees that will let you explore various historical and less-than-historical paths. This is the most recent DLC released after Man the Guns for Hearts of Iron IV.

If you want to have more details about the DLC of Hearts of Iron IV, you can read below:

  • National Focus Tree for Bulgaria: Balance the factions in a divided land or reclaim territory lost in 1919. Follow the historical alliance with Germany or resist the German pressures on Tsar Boris, standing up for a free Bulgaria.
  • National Focus Tree for Greece: Riven by political division, Greek neutrality is maintained by the controversial Metaxas. Build a strong relationship with the Allies under the guidance of King George II, follow arch-conservatives into fascism or restore the glories of the Greek Empire in the east.
  • National Focus Tree for Turkey: Robbed of its empire in the last war, what future is there for Turkey in a new one? Continue or halt the reforms of Kemalism, stand as the protector of the Balkans in a new regional faction, restore the Sultan to the throne or found a new Islamic state.
  • New Music Tracks.
  • New 3D Unit ModelsĀ for Balkan and Turkish Armies.
  • Unique voice oversĀ for Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey.

Hearts of Iron IV Battle for Bosporus New Videos Revealed

Hearts of Iron IV is only available on PC. The game will most probably not be available for consoles in the near future. Battle for the Bosporus will be available on October 15.

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