Hideo Kojima might make a return into the horror genre

Hideo Kojima is probably one of the most talked developers in the gaming industry. Even though it is possible to see a lot of gibberish based on his tweets, two out of ten times it turns out to be something decent. Well, I’m writing an article based on one of his tweets right now, and it might be in that two out of ten times caliber.

Did Hideo Kojima really hint at a potential comeback to the horror genre?

After releasing the much-anticipated Death Stranding earlier this year, Hideo Kojima might set his eyes back on the horror genre. If you are curious about why I used “back” in my sentence, Kojima is no stranger to horror games. Before his dismemberment from Konami back in 2015, Kojima was working on “P.T.” A Silent Hill sequel with a brand new direction that focused on creating the most fierce horror experience for the players. While the first demo for the title achieved its goal on a small scale, it never reached its true potential.

As you can understand, Silent Hill IP belonged to Konami in that time period and still is. And with Kojima’s departure from the company, P.T. suddenly vanished with all the hopes of a classic franchise making a comeback. Although it was expected, fans never thought that it would happen in a blink of an eye. After Konami scrapped P.T, Kojima went on to develop his own game with his own newly built company, Kojima Productions. That game was Death Stranding. And now with Death Stranding out of the way, Kojima might make a comeback into the horror genre.

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