Here’s what we know about the Playstation’s State of Play event so far

Probably the first question on your mind is, “will they reveal the PS5?”. Unfortunately, this event will not shed light on the secret next-gen device of Sony as far as we know. Fans have been waiting for Sony to reveal their next-gen console ever since Xbox introduced a glimpse at what could be the next-gen Xbox, the Xbox Scarlett. Sony is planning to use PS4’s lifespan to the fullest with 2 new titles coming out before nex-gen. Ghost of Tsushima and Last of Us 2 are still highly anticipated current-gen titles, and fans have been waiting on them for so long. And since we haven’t had any news on both of these games since the E3 2018 Playstation press conference, State of Play seems like the right time to do so. 

Here’s what we know about the Playstation’s State of Play event so far

A post on Naughty Dogs twitter account, Last of Us and Uncharted series developers, confirmed that the new Last of Us game will be detailed at the event. Aside from Last of Us, there is still no shared detail on Sucker Punch’s latest title in development, the Ghost of Tsushima. In an interview earlier this week, the Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said that he was overwhelmed by the Ghost of Tsushima’s beautiful graphics. A lot of people are expecting the title to be released on both PS4 and the unannounced PS5. Games developers Sucker Punch’s last game was Infamous Second Son on PS4. The game still holds up as one of the best-looking titles of the current Playstation generation despite being released in early 2014.

Sony is also expected to share some new details about the company’s game development studios, and what they are working on right now. The State of Play event will take place on September 24th. Te event will be streamable on platforms such as Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. Don’t worry if you can’t find any time to watch it though, the Play4UK team will have a full summary of all the news.

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