Heroes of the Storm’s Newest Hero, Qhira has been Announced

Heroes of the Storm has always been the underdog of MOBAs, catering to a more specific fanbase than the others. The upcoming hero is called Qhira and she is yet another Nexus-born. Previously, we only had reps from other Blizzard games as heroes but Orphea broke this cycle. As they are releasing another hero similar to her, they seem to be content with releasing characters of this heritage. Qhirah is from Iresia, one of the most advanced universes in the Nexus, claiming she is the last warrior of her race.

Heroes of the Storm’s Newest Hero has been Announced

With her close combat capabilities, she resembles Sonya from the Diablo universe. She is a frontliner capable of abilities beneficial to her team. Her description is as follows:

”The ornate orbital sculptures and gilded mega-cities of Iresia were famous across the Nexus for their technological advancement and beauty. But power and prosperity breed conflict. When Iresia’s competing factions tore the realm apart, shattering its singularity, the famous warrior known as Qhira had no choice but to flee. Now Qhira roams the Nexus, armed with a segmented chainsword, making a reluctant living as a bounty hunter while she searches for survivors.”

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