PS Now Games August 2021 Lineup Has Been Confirmed by Sony

PS Now games August lineup has been officially confirmed by Sony. We will see 3 games coming to the service this month.

PS Now Games August lineup is here

For August, the following games will be added to the subscription service as confirmed by Sony in a blog post. Ghostrunner, Nier: Automata and Undertale. Three games are very great as all of those games has some pretty serious die-hard fans. So this is a chance for the players who already own the subscription service. We can see that the library of PS Now is getting bigger and bigger every month.

Currently, the Undertale developer is working on a brand new RPG. So we will most probably not hear any news from him for quite some time. Undertale doesn’t actually need an introduction because it was a massive hit. Some fans even continue to make speed runs and content to the game. It looks like it is not going to end soon. We will see how the next game of the developer will be.PS Now Games August 2021 Lineup Has Been Confirmed by Sony

Also, another big hit of PS Now games August lineup is Nier: Automata. It was also another massive hit when it first launched back in 2017. Even though it had some optimisation problems on PC, console users were really happy with the game. Because the replayability was really satisfying. You had to finish the game multiple times to see the true ending. Which was great back then.

Ghsotrunner is also another good game. We can consider that three of the games are pretty enjoyable. So if you own the subscription service, be sure to check the three games above. Now that the PS Now games August line is clear, we will have to wait for the September lineup. Hope to see more great games from Sony next month. Until then, take care!



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