How to Fix FIFA 23 PC Crash?

FIFA 23 is dealing with crashing issues on PC. So, will we not be able to play until the update comes from the company? So, if you want to know “How to Fix FIFA 23 PC Crash?” just continue to read. You can reach the solution and play with a few very simple steps.

You downloaded FIFA 23 and you cannot enter the game. You get “EAAntiCheat.GameService.exe” error while opening the game. Also, “Failure During Update Process” error comes on it. It’s impossible not to go crazy, but don’t worry. We will explain the solution for the FIFA 23 PC crashing problem.

FIFA 23, which was released in a few days, was a disappointment for those who were looking forward to the new game of the series. The FIFA 23 crashing problem also caused many people to vomit their anger against EA.

The solution to fix FIFA 23 PC crash is quite simple. Follow the items below in order and get rid of “EAAntiCheat.GameService.exe” and “Failure During Update Process” errors.

How to Fix FIFA 23 PC Crash easily?

There are a few simple steps we would recommend for this. But before following these steps, please make sure you have your backups.

Run the game as “Administrator”

  • Enter EA Origin
  • Before starting the FIFA 23 application, click on the three dots that appear next to the Play button and select the “repair”.
  • Click the “browse” button on the screen that opens. This will show you the folder where your game was installed.
  • Find the FIFA23 file here, right click it and go to properties.
  • Choose “Compatibility” mode in the section that appears. Click the “Run this application as administrator” option at the bottom and then click the apply button.

How to fix FIFA 23 PC crash issue?

When you enter the game, you will see that it works this time. However, your problem still persists, it would be useful to review the items below.

You can download EA Origin here.

Clean the programdata folder

  • Open the program run screen by pressing the Windows + R key
  • Type %programdata% in the box and press enter
  • Go to the Origin folder and delete everything except the “LocalContent” folder (be sure to backup first)


Delete Origin folder from Appdata

  • Open the program run screen by pressing the Windows + R key
  • Type %appdata% in the box and press enter
  • Completely delete the Origin folder on the screen that opens (be sure to backup first)


That is all to fix FIFA 23 PC crash problem. FIFA 23 should be fixed. However, don’t forget to update Windows and video card just in case.

As you know, FIFA 23 is the last game of EA’s FIFA series. Just an alternative, if you want to play Free To Play Football game you read our article.

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