Do you want to get a free copy of Deponia: The Complete Journey?

Humble Bundle is the one of the most popular website for the gamers. It is creating great bundles with expensive games and selling them with a fixed price almost every week. Also sometimes they gives free games. And today Humble Bundle started to give a new game; Deponia: The Complete Journey.

Deponia: The Complete Journey is free on Humble Bundle 

Deponia: The Complete Journey features over 4 hours of Developer’s Commentary, a Deponia world map that allows for selection of each chapter of the game, a comprehensive graphical questlog help system, minigame help screens, a new launch menu, new hidden collectables, Linux support, plus 6 new songs written and sung by Poki and Behind-the-Scenes videos.

Deponia: The Complete Journey tells the story of Rufus who has a plan to escape from trash planet Deponia. You will play as Rufus in this point and click adventure. Deponia has more than 40 hours of playtime with its challenging puzzles.

Deponia: The Complete Journey will be free for only 24 hours. So if you want it, you can get it through here.

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