Huzzzzzah Kittens!: Hackers are busy today

Web pages are in danger. We just want to warn you about attacks on webpages after our page attacked today. A group of hackers attacked on 404 pages of the websites and leaving some code pieces with the help of javascript. You can get your “Huzzzzzah Kittens” message anytime, so be careful and check it before its too late.

We still don’t know the source of the attacks. But their message is clear: “We can hack every server we want.”. The code doesn’t seem very dangerous but they can also leave harmful links and backlinks to web sites. So we suggest you to check your web sites’ 404 pages for these codes or links.

Huzzzzzah Kittens!

How can you check your website?

Let your website to have “404 error“. Then, right-click on the page you see on your screen. Click on “view source”. Now you see your webpage’s HTML codes. Scroll to the bottom of the page. If your website is hacked or attacked, you will see the “Huzzzzzah Kittens” message written. You should clean the whole section starting with the script. When you clean that lines, your webpage will be okay again. You can take a deep breath now. Good luck! Huzzzzzah Kittens

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