IBM to distribute 1,500 drones to fight natural disasters

IBM’s Developer Drone Drop 2019 competition has officially started. The company announced that it’ll distribute 1.500 drones to the developers in the competition until June 16th. The US tech giant hopes that DJI brand drones will use artificial intelligence-based solutions to natural disasters. 

In addition, you don’t have to be a software developer or expert on any topic to participate in the Developer Drone Drop 2019 contest organized by IBM. Because those who are eligible to participate in the competition will be chosen randomly, not by a jury.

IBM to Distribute 1,500 Drones to Fight Natural Disasters

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According to IBM, winners will get more than a drone:‘’DJI Tello Drone represents more than a cool prize. We’ll give you code patterns to reveal your potential and introduce you to new skills in visual recognition, artificial intelligence and machine learning.’’

The competition, sponsored by Code and Response, will mobilize all of its resources for developers, while the UN attempts to produce technological solutions to alleviate the impact of natural disasters.

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