IESF founded a Commission for Esports and Education

Continuing its efforts to contribute to the growth of sports, the IESF set up a Commission for youth. The person who will head the commission is Serhat Bekdemir. He is a Turkish man who has been talking about sports for many years.

2.5 billion people worldwide have been working for the Game and Sports sector. This number increased by 63% in the Covid-19 process. Now the number is estimated to exceed the $200 billion thresholds in 2021. Educational institutions, in particular, have shown great interest in this young sector. 80 percent of high school and university students are into the game and sports sector. The Esports Education and Youth Leadership Commission will contain three boards: academics, managers, and students.

The Commission will not only expand the sports ecosystem and strengthen the sports space in educational institutions. It will also focus on developing curriculum materials and courses. The courses which support the education and training of young people in the context of shared visions and values.

IESF will train and raise awareness of young people in the field of esports

Even if the careers of young people as players may end, they will be able to continue working with IEFS. And of course, they will gain new talents in the Esports sector.

The careers of young people participating in sports last on average until the age of 24-25. This is only a short period compared to physical sports. At the same time, lots of people made studies in many universities to meet the need to design special education programs for this age range. These people are also coming from a period of higher education.

“I am very happy to announce that Serhat Bekdemir will lead the Education and Youth Leadership Commission,” said Vlad Marinescu, President of the International Esports Federation.

IESF founded a Commission for Esports and Youth

Serhat Bekdemir shared his opinion as follows: “I am very excited to contribute to the growth of education and school sports organizations that have been on the rise with the introduction of sports around the world under the IESF roof. Under this roof, we will bring together the few educational institutions in the world to educate young people, families, and institutions about sports and create opportunities.

IESF ‘s Esports Education and Youth Leadership Commission will work to unify and enhance the university environment and increase the quality of sport across the Member States.

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