Imperius is ready to bring justice to Heroes of the Storm

The Archangel of Valor, Imperius, is ready to defend the Nexus. The leader of the Angiris Council is now live in Heroes of the Storm.

Imperius is now playable in Heroes of the Storm

Imperius is a melee Warrior who specializes in engaging enemies and setting up his teammates for big combos. With angelic might, he commands the battlefield by leading by example and getting into the thick of things.

Imperius is an all-in bruiser that focusing single target damage. For the ones who doesn’t know him, here is Imperius’ talents;

  • Trait: Valorous Brand: Basic abilities mark target and stack up to three times. Next basic attack consumes stacks and does increased damage.
  • Celestial Charge (Q): Imperius goes forward and impales every hero he hits. This can be used for move over terrains and escape. 
  • Solarion’s Fire (W): When used, Imperius launches a wave of fire at his foes. If enemy gets hit by middle of the wave, enemy will be slowed and get additional damage.
  • Molten Armor (E): When used, Imperius will be covered in flames which attack nearby enemies. Enemy gets damage, Imperius gets heal based on the damage.
  • Angelic Armaments (R – Heroic): Creates a shield around the Imperius, if the shield is not broken, Imperius can throw swords to enemy and do huge amount of damage. 
  • Wrath of the Angiris (R – Heroic 2): Imperius grabs an enemy and jump to the heavens. Then player can choose a spot for landing, gives damage to enemy and enemy will be stunned.

Blizzard recently implemented matchmaking changes to reduce queue times in both Quick Match and Ranked for Heroes of the Storm. Also Blizzard extented Winter Toy Event into February to give everyone more chances to play. The board game can be completed 50 times during the event for up to 50 free Rare Toy Chests.

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