Is Battlefield 5 latest update, a farewell?

The ongoing Battlefield 5 Chapter 6 Into The Jungle will be completed on April 29. This summer is expected to come with new content, new weapons, and new game settings, even though it is not yet clear what the future will be. So this summer, Battlefield 5 says farewell with the latest update.

Indicating how difficult it is to work from home because of a pandemic, EA Games announced that they will report what will happen next month. The date of the update is currently set for June, but it’s not certain. You can follow the developments here.

Battlefield 5 says farewell with the latest update, so what happens next?

We said that the latest update of Battlefield 5 will include lots of new content and weapons. In addition, his plans include unlocking equipment that you couldn’t miss in the past as a weekly reward. Also, the weekly #FridayNightBattlefield event, which allows Battlefield ™ 1 to play together with the community of players and DICE developers and Electronic Arts employees, can also come for Battlefield 5. In addition to this, Electronic Arts plans to keep the anti-cheat software fully up to date, stating that regular updates will continue.

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What is #FridayNightBattlefield?

#FridayNightBattlefield was an event that was first launched in Battlefield 1, where weekly DICE and Electronic Arts employees met with the players. Electronic Arts plans to hold this event in Battlefield 5.

What does Battlefield 5 Chapter 6 Into The Jungle contain?

First of all, Chapter 6 Into The Jungle will end on April 29. Solomon Islands map with Into The Jungle; It came with Conquest, Breakthrough, Squad Conquest, and Team Deathmatch modes. There were also Lunge Mine, M1A1 Bazooka products with Type 11 LMG, Model 37, M2 Carbine weapons.

Apart from these, developers dealing with the issues of Mercury, Operation Underground, Outpost, and Wake Island maps as well as the problems of the Grease gun and AP Mine, the bullet output speed of Ross Rifle and Type 99 weapons for Racon class have been increased. In addition, the problem of throwing players 30 seconds after joining the server, has been resolved.

With the second update of Chapter 6 Into The Jungle on March 2, many bugs have been fixed and the full arrangement of the Solomon Islands map that came in the first update of Chapter 6 has also been made.

Will the latest update of Battlefield 5 be the herald of Battlefield 6?

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